Mt "N" Sea Breeze Tibetan Terriers
  When I was about 9 years old( 2007), my Laboradore retriever Max went to the rainbow bridge .. I was lonely and devastated... wanting a new dog  was not what my parents wanted  with our busy lifestyle . It took me over 2 long months of begging for a new dog.. finally .. i wrote a promisary contract to my parents they could not refuse ..
  Next was to find a breed ... Mom had a  cousin in Pennsylvania .. she called her and ask if they had any retrievers puppies .. she said no but she was going to have a tibetan terrier pupppy available soon  .. So what the heck was that ?? we did some research and trusted my moms cousin to help us ..

We got a call that our puppy was ready to be picked up , but... she was going to the dogshows that weekend and we had to meet her there... what a hot long ride ....!!! 
  We had never been to a dogshow but because of the heat and distance we jumped back into the car with our precious puppy (my Puppy) and headed home ... A couple of months later we found out Cuz was coming to a show near us .. so we decided to go .. but the winter weather kept cuz at home , we made the trip anyhow .. I was about 91/2 and looked around and thought my Roxy and I could do this !!
  So with the help of my parents , aunt, and moms cousin we started showing  my Roxy .or rather I started showing
Roxy ,,  4 and one half years later .... I am waiting for my first litter ......Grand Champion Tashi's Roxy and Ch Merryway's Corduroy Bear!!
Mt Breeze Tibetan Terriers has now become Mt "N"Sea Breeze
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